Friday, January 19, 2018

How to Choose a Diaphragm Pump?

diaphragm pumps TennesseeIndustrial processes that deal with various liquids need special pumps for manufacturing processes. Diaphragm pumps that are oil-free are specifically used in several industrial applications to specifically prevent oil vapor contamination problems. Here are some tips from diaphragm pumps Tennessee company that will help you select right pump.

Matching pump type

•    According to heavy industrial pumps North Carolina suppliers, the first step in selecting right diaphragm pump is matching the diaphragm pump type to the application. This is an important step as not all diaphragm pumps are completely oil-free. You need to consider diaphragm pumps offered by Yamada.  Besides selecting the right type of pump, you also need to understand different modes of operations, any strengths or weaknesses of the pump type which can relieve you from difficulties that may crop up during maintenance of the diaphragm pumps in the near future.

Understanding the materials of construction

•    The material of construction for the pump is important as you will be pumping chemicals.  If the fluid that will be pumped is at ambient temperature, you need to ensure the material used for housing is “A” rated. The housing of the diaphragm pump could be of any material such as Plastics of Metal depending on the nature of the chemical pumped.  Majority of the Virginia industrial pump suppliers will provide you Chemical pump chart for all types of diaphragm pumps that will make your selection of right pump much easier.

•    If the fluid is highly viscous in nature, you might want to know the percent reduction in the flow rate that will affect the supply.  For viscous liquids, you need to consider the maximum flow rate of the diaphragm pump and consider the percent reduction in the flow to get accurate pump output. If the liquid is water or a solvent, you can focus only on the maximum flow rate.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Understanding Different Types of Industrial Agitators

Heavy industrial pumps North Carolina
Manufacturing industries use specialized equipment to mix different chemicals for production. Heavy industrial pumps North Carolina suppliers also offer industrial agitators for industrial processing in the wide range of industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and chemical and wastewater treatment.  According to industrial agitators Tennessee suppliers, there are different types of industrial agitators to choose from. Here is some important information about these advanced mixing machines.

Different types of industrial agitators

Portable mixers

Like the name suggests, the portable mixers look more like an attachment with no container for mixing the solutions. The motor is mounted on aluminum drive housing which is attached to the mixer shaft. The housing contains a double sealed ball bearing   and a lower lip seal that provides additional protection to the quill shaft that is subjected to stress by mixer shaft.  The portable has heavy brass duty clamps for fastening and there is no need for wrenches or specialized tools to mount the mixer on the container.  According to Virginia Industrial Pump Suppliers, The portable mixer is ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical, dairy, food and other industries where sanitation is a big requirement.

Turbine mixers

The turbine mixers are ideal for applications where you cannot use fixed mount top entering mixers. There are various drive mechanisms available in turbine mixers such as worm gears, helical, and spiral bevel. The design of the turbine mixer depends on the drive mechanism and the application. Unlike portable mixers, the turbine mixers have large shaft that makes it ideal for heavy mixing.  The horse power range of turbine meter can be anything between 1 to 125 watts.

Side Mixers

Like the name suggests, the shaft in the Side Mixer is located on the side. These types of mixers are used in asphalt, food, and chemical industries.  The side mixer has a heavy duty construction that assures minimum maintenance and long life.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tips to Choose the Right Industrial Pump

Heavy Industrial Pumps in North Carolina

Choosing the right heavy industrial pumps in North Carolina is an important decision every company has to make. Using the wrong pump for your industrial use means catastrophe sooner or later. When it comes to choosing industrial pumps, they come in dozens of designs and applications. A little bit of research and investigation is necessary to make the right decision. Here we have listed a few tips to choose the right industrial pump for your business.

Know the Types

Before venturing to buy an industrial pump, you should have a good idea of all of the different pumps and products on the market. From centrifugal pumps to diaphragm pumps, each one designed to meet specific and even specialized needs. Today, there are special application pumps that are available to suit virtually any set of needs and considerations.

Ask Questions

Before buying an industrial pump, ask questions to the buyers related to the total head, or pressure, pump’s operation, the desired flow rate, the suction lift, characteristics of the fluid and more.

Number of Pumps

If you are looking for a pump for heavy duty, then investing in multiple pumps would be the ideal choice.

But, the individuals who suspect that their project may require two or more pumps should take the time to do the research before making the purchase.

In addition to these, make sure that the suppliers you choose are the trusted and reputable sellers in the market. These certified suppliers of industrial heat exchangers North Carolina can provide expert advice and guide you through the process of choosing all variety of industrial supplies and equipment, including pumps.